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Professional Development for Student Employees

Pursuing professional development is an important skill for any employee, and there are some great resources on campus for student employees to do just that.

  1. The SEE program provides a Competency Workshop Series each semester for students enrolled in the program. These workshops focus on learning transferrable skills, such as goal-setting, leadership, and navigating difficult conversations. They are intended to help student employees grow professionally and personally, and also count as paid work hours through a student's on-campus job! Please make sure to coordinate your schedule with your supervisor to ensure that you are compensated properly.

  2. All students can access other types of training on campus. You can find these workshops online through sources such as BuckeyeLearnBuckeye OnPace or social justice workshops through the Student Life Multicultural Center’s DICE or the Kirwan Institute's Implicit Bias Training.

  3. Other in-person training options for students include workshops provided through Counseling and Consultation Services (CCS), Career Counseling and Support Services (CCSS) and the Student Wellness Center.

There's no shortage of resources on campus to help you grow personally and professionally. Take advantage of them! Please talk to your supervisor about these options and others that may be of interest.