Office of Student Life

Student Employment Experience


As a supervisor of student employees, you interact with your students multiple times a week and usually over a period of several semesters. Because of this long-term interaction, you are well suited to serve as a supportive resource for students at The Ohio State University. With that in mind, it is important that you stay up to date on the many support resources available for students on campus.

But Ohio State is a huge place! How can you learn what all is out there?

Although no one comprehensive list of resources exists, we have tried to put some things together that can support you while you support students.


  • The Ohio State Resource List has dozens of resources and contacts that are useful to know. We encourage you to pick a couple of unfamiliar groups each week and spend some time on their websites or reach out to the office to learn more.
  • BuckeyeLearn, the university’s Learning Management System, has a plethora of training videos, documents and modules for you and your student employees.
  • Ohio State's student employment policy provides detailed guidelines about eligibility for employment and terms of employment as well as an extensive list of resources for student employees. It is an important resource for both students employees and employers to be familiar with.

Have other resources you’re looking to find, or something you think we should include? Let us know at