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Student Employment Experience

Your SEE

As a student employee, how does SEE impact you?

Your job should be more than just a paycheck! On-campus employment can be a huge opportunity for growth and learning. To help students get more out of their job, the Student Employment Experience (SEE) has 3 parts:

  1. Employment: Your on-campus job provides you with the opportunity to learn skills and habits that will be useful in the classroom and your future career. If your supervisor has elected to be part of the SEE program, then you are automatically enrolled for as long as you work with that supervisor.

  2. Development: SEE provides a series of student workshops each semester. These workshops focus on developing soft skills (also called learning competencies) that you can use in your job on campus and in your future career. And you get paid your regular hourly wage to attend! Talk to your supervisor about signing up.

  3. Reflection: OSU GROW (Guided Reflection on Work) conversations are designed to empower you to think about your job in a dynamic way that helps you get the most out of it. These are a 4-topic conversation between you and a supervisor or manager. They happen once a semester, and your supervisor will reach out to schedule that with you.

How do I get the most out of my student employment?

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow through your on-campus employment!

  1. Attend workshops, both through SEE and other departments on campus.

  2. Be thoughtful during the GROW conversations you have with your supervisor. They're simple ways to help prepare yourself for whatever you pursue after your time as a student at Ohio State.

  3. Your on-campus job is a real job. Strive for excellence! Start practicing the work ethic and habits you want to bring with you to your next job now.

  4. Build strong relationships at your job. They will make your time at work feel more meaningful, and may lead to great professional connections in the future.