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Student Employment Experience

The Student Employment Experience

The Student Employment Experience (SEE) program supports supervisors of student employees to ensure they have the resources they need to create a supportive and inclusive working environment. 

The SEE program uses the following three pillars to guide programming: 

  1. First, we focus on the students’ employment. Across The Ohio State University, over 15,000 students are employed on-campus. Our student employees are involved in many diverse roles that are essential to the day-to-day operations at the university. The SEE program encourages supervisors to help their student employees identify their transferable skills and engage in real-world learning opportunities.
  2. Second, the SEE program offers opportunities for student employees to engage in reflection. Once a semester, SEE student employees are asked to complete the SEE Learning Assessment (SEELA) and schedule a Guided Reflection on Work (GROW)* conversation with their supervisor. These GROW conversations are a fantastic opportunity for student employees to make connections between their on-campus job, their academics, and their future career aspirations.
  3. Third, the SEE program supports the professional development of student employees as part of their employment. Every semester, the SEE student workshop calendar is created with the learning goals in mind.

*GROW is used with permission from © University of Iowa

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