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Student Employment Experience

Research and Assessment

The Student Employment Experience (SEE) and the Center for the Study of Student Life work together to facilitate all data collection and assessment efforts for SEE. The Student Employment Experience is a program built on research findings within the field of college student learning and development, and tested through internal and national assessment measures. We strive to make all of our assessment efforts public. If you are interested in any SEE assessment conducted in previous years not posted on this page, email for more information.

Supervisor Data

Each semester, SEE Supervisors are asked to facilitate an OSU GROW conversation with their student employees. After holding this reflective conversation, supervisors complete a short survey that includes a space to share feedback related to their experiences.

Click here to view our most recent GROW survey data.

Student Employee Data

A student’s employment experience should empower them to champion their own learning and provide them with the transferable skills needed to be successful in their employment role, in the classroom and in their future careers. During GROW conversations, student employees are prompted to reflect on their employment experiences, learning connections, and the learning goals associated with SEE. 

Designed in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Student Life, the SEE Learning Assessment (SEELA) is the tool utilized to track student development and help student employees learn how their skills apply in their student employment roles. As students take the SEELA over time, they can learn about how their skills change and grow. Supervisors can use SEELA results to guide student employees during their time in SEE.

Student employees also have opportunities to share their feedback, learning and satisfaction with their employment experiences through a number of different surveys.

Click here to view our most recent SEE Data from the Student Life Survey at Ohio State.


3 Year Assessment Cycle

Each year, we rotate through one of three major quantitative surveys to assess student employee learning and development. They include:

  • Ohio State's participation in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). After the data collection, we are able to pull specific information for student employees in the Office of Student Life across several indicators of student engagement. 
  • our homegrown SEE Learning Assessment described above. Each semester, we collaborate with the Center for the Study of Student Life to administer the SEELA. This custom survey allows us to dive deeper into questions raised by data in the previous two annual assessments, as well as GROW survey data. 

Some highlights from the data:

  • Student Employment Experience participants scored significantly higher than non-SEE students on their reported execution of skills in the following competencies:
    • Learning, Application and Integration
    • Interpersonal Development
    • Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement
    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Practical Competence (communication, goal setting, time management, etc)
  • SEE students are more likely to say that they make connections between what they learn at work and what they learn in their academic courses.
  • 60% of SEE students agreed that their supervisor helps them think through how their job prepares them for full-time employment versus 43% of non-SEE students.
  • SEE students are more likely to think about how their employment can benefit other areas of their life than non-SEE students.


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