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Training Workshops

Student Employee Workshops

Every semester, the SEE program creates a SEE Student Employee Workshop Schedule. This schedule is a culmination of SEE-specific workshops and efforts already happening across the university. Each workshop will connect to one of the program’s learning goals.  

Just like full-time employees at Ohio State have paid professional development opportunities available to them, SEE supervisors can compensate their student employees for their time while attending these workshops. Supervisors should consider their specific student employees and their department’s budget when planning for each semester’s workshop schedule. That being said, student employees should be supported to attend at least one training workshop each semester.  

While our workshop schedule is created with SEE students in mind, we welcome any Ohio State undergraduate, graduate, professional and post-doctoral students to join us! 


Supervisor Workshops

The SEE program supports supervisors of student employees to ensure they have the resources they need to create a supportive and inclusive working environment. The full SEE Supervisor Workshop Schedule can be found on our website and is updated each semester. 

The following workshops are required for all SEE supervisors: 

  • SEE Onboarding Presentation 
  • Supervising Student Employees
  • SEE Learning Assessment (SEELA) Workshop*

*The SEE Learning Assessment (SEELA) Workshop is optional for the 2023-2024 academic year. It is anticipated that this workshop will become required again starting Autumn 2024. 

The following workshops are also offered, but are not required:

  • Top Tools for a Successful Difficult Conversation 
  • Supervisors’ Introduction to Handshake

While SEE supervisors only need to attend these trainings once, they are welcome to attend workshops repeatedly if they would like to revisit the information. For questions, additional support or consultation, please email SEE