Office of Student Life

Student Employment Experience

Student Employee Development

Three ways to provide training to student employees:

  1. If you are already part of SEE, we offer student employee development workshops each semester. These workshops are open to any student employee if approved by their supervisor. The most up-to-date listing of development workshops is available in the BuckeyeBox for supervisors.

  2. Students may take advantage of online trainings, such as BuckeyeLearnBuckeye OnPace or social justice workshops through the Student Life Multicultural Center’s DICE or the Kirwan Institute's Implicit Bias Training.

  3. Outside of these centralized resources, supervisors may also coordinate training experiences directly for their student employees. A number of resources exist to request specific workshop topics related to wellness, career preparation, diversity and inclusion and leadership development.

For questions, additional support or consultation, please email SEE

Student employees should be supported to attend at least one training workshop each semester. This is in addition to any job-specific training required by supervisors. Student employees should be paid their hourly rate when attending professional development workshops.